2011 Special Award Winners

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NCSEF Junior Biological Science A Nomination

   Junior Biologcial Science A Nomination
    (2218) THE DEBATE ON YOUR PLATE! Are there antibiotics present in the meat we purchase from local grocers?
        Student: Chad Campbell
        School: Topsail Middle

NCSEF Junior Technology/Engineeering Nomination

  NCSEF Junior Technology/Engineering Nomination
    (2702) Boom Boom Spud
        Student: Jared Rosbrugh
        School: St. Mark Catholic School

    (2719) The Effect of Coil Size on DC Motors
        Student: David Williamson
        School: Norwayne Middle School

NCSEF Junior Physics Nomination

  NCSEF Junior Physics Nomination
    (2614) Train of the Future
        Student: Joseph Murray
        School: Crystal Coast Classical Conversations

    (2615) Which Material Produces the Most Heat
        Student: Alan Davila
        School: Northwoods Park Mid

NCSEF Junior Earth/Environmental Nomination

  NCSEF Junior Earth/Environmental Nomination
    (2504) Digging For Answers: How Can Wastewater Affect Atlantic Mole Crab Populations?
        Student: Natalie Foley
        School: St. Mary Catholic School

    (2506) Eco-friendly Oil Spill Clean Up
        Student: Amanda Padgett
        School: Leland Middle

NCSEF Junior Biological Science B Nomination

  NCSEF Junior Biological Science B Nomination
    (2311) Oil Spills: Impact on Aquatic Plants
        Student: Brady Nomick
        School: Myrtle Grove Middle

    (2312) Warping and Shaping Your Thoughts. Confusing the Brain...A Look at the Stroop Effect
        Student: Bailey Aldridge
        School: South Brunswick Mid

NCSEF Senior Technology/Engineering Nomination

  NCSEF Senior Technology/Engineering Nomination
    (3706) Race To Robotics
        Students: Lieth Khatib , Jordan Packer
        School: Isaac M Bear High

    (3705) Producing the Super-Material Graphene from Graphite by Exfoliation
        Student: Kevin Frink
        School: Isaac M Bear High

NCSEF Senior Physics Nomination

  NCSEF Senior Physics
    (3604) STEALTH TECHNOLOGY: I can see you...but you can't see me!!!
        Student: Brittany Williams
        School: Emsley A Laney High

NCSEF Senior Earth/Environmental Nomination

  NCSEF Senior Earth/Environmental Nomination
    (3502) Biodiversity of Lake Waccamaw
        Student: Kinsley Morgan
        School: Isaac M Bear High

    (3501) Best Management Practice (BMP) by Building Soft Structures
        Students: Alexa Ross , Cara Schumann
        School: Isaac M Bear High

NCSEF Senior Chemistry Nomination

  NCSEF Senior Chemistry Nomination
    (3603) More Bang For Your Buck: Varying the Amount of KNO3 in Designer Gunpowder
        Students: Eli Meyer , Richard Everhart
        School: Isaac M Bear High

NCSEF Senior Biological Science B Nomination

  Senior Biological Science B Nomination
    (3304) The Analysis of Hemolysis
        Students: Logan Spaller , Julie Trieu
        School: Isaac M Bear High

NCSEF Senior Biological Science A Nomination

  Sr. Biological Science A Nomination
    (3203) The Effects of Various Mutants on the Inhibition of Lipid A Biosynthesis in Gram-Negative Bacteria
        Student: LaManuel White
        School: New Hanover High

    (3201) A Comprehensive Study of The Effects of Varying Concentrations of Detergents on Bioluminescence
        Student: Robert Johnson
        School: Isaac M Bear High

NCSEF Elementary Nomination

  Elementary Project at State NCSEF
    (1163) Win When You Spin
        Student: Zane Qasem
        School: Topsail Elem

    (1101) "Something Fishy"
        Student: Collin Hinnant
        School: Dixon Elementary

    (1129) How Much Does That Diaper Hold
        Student: Lindsey Thomas
        School: Parkwood Elementary

    (1119) Does Where You Live Make You Worry About Terrorsism Differently?
        Student: Holland Baynard
        School: Bradley Creek Elem

    (1162) The Effect of Crystallization Nucleus on Snow Crystal Growth
        Student: Eve Johnson
        School: Morehead Elem CG

    (1115) Can Radiant Barrier Make You Cool? And Save Energy?
        Student: Callum Funk
        School: Parkwood Elementary

    (1160) Nail Down Rust
        Student: Braden Steward-Campbell
        School: Parkwood Elementary

    (1161) Sock it to Fire Ants
        Student: Russ Gore
        School: Union Elementary