2012 Divisional Award Winners

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  Exemplary Elementary Projects
    (1118) Rubber Bands for Energy
        Student: Robert Newton
        School: Malpass Corner Elem

    (1104) Bird's Eye View
        Student: James Rodriguez
        School: Morehead Elem CG

    (1114) How Hard Are Your Hardwoods?
        Student: Garrett Bell
        School: Carolina Forest Elem

    (1139) The Dirty Truth Within Your Soil
        Student: Brandon Allen
        School: Richlands Elementary

    (1112) Can I Attract You?
        Student: Christopher McDuffie
        School: Bolivia Elementary

    (1131) Hurricanes vs. Beaches
        Student: Elizabeth Kinsey
        School: Edwin Anderson Elem

    (1140) Tidal Effects on the Cape Fear River Salinity
        Student: Hannah Greer
        School: Southport Elementary

    (1142) Warning! Killer Potaoes: Do Sweet Potatoes Slow Down the Germination of Plant Seeds?
        Student: Savannah Branch
        School: Union Elementary

Junior - Biological A

  Junior Biological Science A - 3rd Place
    (2205) accuracy of Bald Head Island Deer Estamation Metodologies
        Student: Lilah Foster
        School: South Brunswick Mid

  Junior Biological Science A - 2nd Place
    (2207) Eat Your Iron!
        Student: Katy Rollings
        School: South Brunswick Mid

  Junior Biological Science A - 1st Place
    (2211) Musical Memory: Does Music Affect Your Memory?
        Student: Sydney Williams
        School: St. Mark Catholic School

Junior - Biological B

  Junior Biological Science A - 3rd Place
    (2304) Moving With Music
        Student: Allison Ingraham
        School: New Bridge Middle

  Junior Biological Science A - 2nd Place
    (2301) Burning Up
        Student: Madeline Winchester
        School: Leland Middle

  Junior Biological Science A - 1st Place
    (2303) How Greasy are Chips?
        Student: Lauren Whitehead
        School: Wilmington Christian Academy

Junior - Chemistry

  Junior Chemistry-3rd Place
    (2413) Sodacidy
        Student: Eileen Rui
        School: St. Mark Catholic School

  Junior Chemistry-2nd Place
    (2414) Super-Sensitive Electric Charge Detector
        Student: Peyton Weist
        School: Crystal Coast Classical Conversations

  Junior Chemistry-1st Place
    (2404) "Which Hand Sanitizer Is Most Effective?"
        Student: Wilker Ballantine
        School: St. Mark Catholic School

Junior - Earth/Environmental Science

  Junior-Earth/Environmental Science-3rd Place
    (2507) Macroinvertebrate Bioassessment: Determining Water Quality in the Lower Cape Fear River
        Student: Natalie Foley
        School: St. Mary Catholic School

  Junior-Earth/Environmental Science-2nd Place
    (2512) Could Our Addiction to Fossil Fuels Be Killing Our Coral Reefs?
        Student: Chris Karras
        School: Wilmington Christian Academy

  Junior-Earth/Environmental Science-1st Place
    (2503) Clean Water Saves Lives
        Student: Callum Funk
        School: Northwoods Park Mid

Junior - Physics

  Junior Physics-3rd Place
    (2604) Pendulum Power
        Student: Henry Kunz
        School: St. Mark Catholic School

  Junior Physics-2nd Place
    (2606) How Do You Slide
        Student: Ian Green
        School: St. Mark Catholic School

  Junior Physics-1st Place
    (2603) Give It Your Best Shot
        Students: Alan Davila , Brandon Wu
        School: Northwoods Park Mid

Junior - Technology/Engineering

  Junior Technology/Engineering-3rd Place
    (2718) Watt to do with the Motion in the Ocean - Harvesting Energy from Waves
        Student: Jared Rosbrugh
        School: St. Mark Catholic School

  Junior Technology/Engineering-2nd Place
    (2709) Bridges the connection to the other side
        Students: Jared Hunt , David Ellsworth
        School: Swansboro Middle

  Junior Technology/Engineering-1st Place
    (2702) Coil Performance In AC Generators
        Student: David Williamson
        School: Norwayne Middle School

Senior - Biological A

  Senior-Biological A-3rd Place
    (3205) You Can Run But You Can't Stop Making Carbon Dixoide
        Student: Alexandria Szalkiewicz
        School: North Brunswick High

  Senior-Biological A-2nd Place
    (3202) From Waste to Watts
        Student: Garrett Leatherwood
        School: Isaac M Bear High

  Senior-Biological A-1st Place
    (3203) How do the Different Levels of Caffiene from Energy Drinks Affect the Heart Rate of Daphnia?
        Student: Joshua Brown
        School: The Epiphany School

Senior - Biological B

  Senior-Biological B-3rd Place
    (3303) How do different colors of light affect oxygen production in Elodea?
        Student: James Walker
        School: The Epiphany School

  Senior-Biological B-2nd Place
    (3301) Can Urine Be A Sufficient Fertilizer for Lima Bean Plants?
        Student: Ryan Davis
        School: The Epiphany School

  Senior-Biological B-1st Place
    (3302) Does Size Really Matter?
        Student: Sawyer Strand
        School: Wayne School of Engineering

Senior - Chemistry

  Senior-Chemistry-1st Place
    (3401) Trail Mix: Which Nut Has the Most Energy?
        Student: Margaret Hopkins
        School: The Epiphany School

Senior - Earth/Environmental Science

  Senior Earth/Environmental Science-1st Place
    (3501) Slip-Stream Cyclone: Designing Hurricane Resistant Buildings
        Students: Matthew Stanbury , Christine Chow
        School: Isaac M Bear High

Senior - Physics

  Senior-Physics-3rd Place
    (3609) Stellar Evolution and the Age of Star Clusters
        Students: Marissa Morrison , Erika Brigantti
        School: Isaac M Bear High

  Senior-Physics-2nd Place
    (3603) Stealth Technology: Hiding in Plain Sight?
        Student: Brittany Williams
        School: Emsley A Laney High

  Senior-Physics-1st Place
    (3605) Carbon Nanostructures Via Dry Ice Exposed To High Temperature
        Student: Kevin Frink
        School: Isaac M Bear High

Senior - Technology/Engineering

  Senior-Technology/Engineering-3rd Place
    (3702) Rub-a-Dub-Dub Putt-Putt Boats in the Tub
        Student: Grayson Collins
        School: Wayne School of Engineering

  Senior-Technology/Engineering-2nd Place
    (3703) Good Vibes
        Student: Lauren Benson
        School: Wilmington Christian Academy

  Senior-Technology/Engineering-1st Place
    (3701) Heightening The Versatility of an Autonomous Vehicle Through Refined Ultrasonic Sensor Trigonometry,
        Student: Richard Everhart
        School: Isaac M Bear High