2014 Divisional Award Winners

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  Exemplary Elementary Projects
    (1102) Lunar Phase Effects on Tidal Stages
        Student: Hannah Greer
        School: Southport Elementary

    (1107) Finding The Right Rotor That Will Produce The Most Clean Energy
        Student: Justin Ouellette
        School: V Williamson Elem

    (1105) Strong Magnets Are Cool
        Student: Nicholas Klein
        School: Murrayville Elem

    (1108) Does Temperature Affect the Activity of Pancreatic Enzymes?
        Student: Owen Deen
        School: Ogden Elementary

    (1106) Keeping It Cool
        Student: Jacob Rose
        School: Heyward C Bellamy El

    (1104) Be Safe and Flip the Switch
        Student: Riley Stone
        School: Richlands Elementary

    (1103) Can You Hear Me Now??
        Student: Michaela Williams
        School: Banks Elementary

    (1109) How do you extinguish a fire?
        Students: Trey Kivett , Trevor Sears
        School: Banks Elementary

Junior - Biological A

  Junior Biological Science A - 3rd Place
    (2204) Breath Of Life
        Student: Lydia Walker
        School: Leland Middle

  Junior Biological Science A - 2nd Place
    (2202) Are Fingerprint Patterns Inherited?
        Student: Julia Charters
        School: Southwest Middle

  Junior Biological Science A - 1st Place
    (2201) How Much Does Caffeine Effect Heart Rate?
        Student: Mari-Katherine Poole
        School: St. Mary Catholic School

Junior - Biological B

  Junior Biological Science A - 3rd Place
    (2303) Concentration on a Target in Pitching
        Student: Kasey Kiser
        School: St. Mary Catholic School

  Junior Biological Science A - 2nd Place
    (2302) What is the Best Manure for Plant Growth?
        Student: Alden Stack
        School: Cape Fear Ctr Inquir

  Junior Biological Science A - 1st Place
    (2301) KillzIt
        Student: Anne Turner
        School: St. Mark Catholic School

Junior - Chemistry

  Junior Chemistry-3rd Place
    (2404) Does Beverage Choice Affect Orthodontic Elastic Bands?
        Student: Austin Jarman
        School: Northwoods Park Mid

  Junior Chemistry-2nd Place
    (2402) Which Type Of Flour Has The Most Gluten In It?
        Student: Lauren Kelly
        School: St. Mark Catholic School

  Junior Chemistry-1st Place
    (2401) Apples or Oranges
        Student: Alexia Campbell
        School: Leland Middle

Junior - Earth/Environmental Science

  Junior-Earth/Environmental Science-3rd Place
    (2503) Rockin' Shorelines: The Use of Aquatic Rock Sills to Prevent Erosion along NC Shoreline Estuaries
        Student: Daniel Williamson
        School: Wayne School of Engineering

  Junior-Earth/Environmental Science-2nd Place
    (2502) Running Afoul of Water Quality
        Student: Dylan Rosbrugh
        School: St. Mark Catholic School

  Junior-Earth/Environmental Science-1st Place
    (2501) Does Water Quality Affect Oyster Growth?
        Student: Elizabeth Kinsey
        School: Charles Murray Middl

Junior - Physics

  Junior Physics-3rd Place
    (2605) Catapult Power Sources
        Student: Max Brinker
        School: Cape Fear Ctr Inquir

  Junior Physics-2nd Place
    (2602) America's Game (Energy in Motion)
        Student: Chase McPherson
        School: Wilmington Christian Academy

  Junior Physics-1st Place
    (2601) Energetic Electrons: The Application of the Seebeck Effect in Determining the Performance of Varying
        Student: Hannah Williamson
        School: Wayne School of Engineering

Junior - Technology/Engineering

  Junior Technology/Engineering-3rd Place
    (2704) Flying Low
        Student: Kennard MacVaugh
        School: St. Mark Catholic School

  Junior Technology/Engineering-2nd Place
    (2702) Twisted Power
        Student: Matthew Canady
        School: Charles Murray Middl

  Junior Technology/Engineering-1st Place
    (2701) H2O Power
        Student: Colin Williams
        School: Wayne School of Engineering

Senior - Biological A

  Senior-Biological A-1st Place
    (3201) The Effect of Natural and Synthetic Antibiotics on Topical Staphylococcus aureus, Enterobacter aero
        Student: Maya Vexler
        School: Isaac M Bear High

Senior - Biological B

  Senior-Biological B-3rd Place
    (3305) Measuring the Effects of Fertilizer-Enhanced Imbibition on the Acceleration of Plant Growth
        Students: Andrea Lamas , Ryan Gray
        School: Isaac M Bear High

  Senior-Biological B-2nd Place
    (3302) Seed Wars
        Student: Carley Lewis
        School: Wilmington Christian Academy

  Senior-Biological B-1st Place
    (3301) Light Absorption & Photosynthesis
        Student: Giovanni Budi
        School: Isaac M Bear High

Senior - Chemistry

  Senior-Chemistry-3rd Place
    (3403) Is Deslaination the Answer?
        Students: Kevin Murray , Marlen Espinoza , Brianna Freeman
        School: Charles B Aycock

  Senior-Chemistry-2nd Place
    (3401) Turn On The Lights
        Students: Bradley Faircloth , Wade Sumner , Seth Harrington
        School: Clinton High

  Senior-Chemistry-1st Place
    (3402) The Effects of Varying Radiation on the Melting Rates of H20 and Aqueous Solutions
        Student: Daniel Alfonsetti
        School: Isaac M Bear High

Senior - Earth/Environmental Science

  Senior Earth/Environmental Science-3rd Place
    (3503) The Effects of Pollution Exposed to Artemia Salina Eggs Before Hatching and The Effects of Pollution
        Student: Hailey Andrews
        School: The Epiphany School

  Senior Earth/Environmental Science-2nd Place
    (3502) Flushable Products: Is it a scam?
        Student: Michael Deaney
        School: Isaac M Bear High

  Senior Earth/Environmental Science-1st Place
    (3501) Oil Collection Efficiency of Various Plastics in Ocean and River Water
        Students: Noelle Hoehn , Brooke Hoehn
        School: Isaac M Bear High

Senior - Physics

  Senior-Physics-3rd Place
    (3603) The Correlation of Battery Voltage to the Electrolysis of Water
        Students: Eli Wilson , Alexa McDonald
        School: Isaac M Bear High

  Senior-Physics-2nd Place
    (3602) Optimization of Hydrogen Fuel Cells
        Student: Brittany Williams
        School: Emsley A Laney High

  Senior-Physics-1st Place
    (3601) Keeping it Cool with Nanoparticle Technology
        Student: Christopher Karras
        School: Wilmington Christian Academy

Senior - Technology/Engineering

  Senior-Technology/Engineering-3rd Place
    (3703) Winging It!: Impact on Flight Based on Wing Design
        Student: Asuka LaVigne
        School: The Epiphany School

  Senior-Technology/Engineering-2nd Place
    (3702) Alternate Energy Synergy
        Student: Aaron Johnson
        School: Isaac M Bear High

  Senior-Technology/Engineering-1st Place
    (3701) Binary vs. Hexadecimal: The Effect of Encoding on Data Transfer Speed
        Student: David Williamson
        School: Wayne School of Engineering