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2016 Divisional Award Winners

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  Exemplary Elementary Projects
    (1131) The Plastc Pollutant
        Student: Jillian Green
        School: Holly Tree Elem

    (1118) Hot or not: does beach nourishment affect sand temperatures?
        Students: Regan Williams , Owen Williams
        School: Walter L Parsley Ele

    (1138) Wind Power
        Student: Gabrielle Davis
        School: Wrightsboro Elem

    (1136) Which method ripens fruits the fastest
        Student: Farhan Sanukri
        School: Codington Elementary

    (1114) Growing Plants In Garbage?
        Student: Jenna Steele
        School: Banks Elementary

    (1115) H20 Christmas Tree
        Student: Weston Smith
        School: Wallace Elem

    (1142) Can Native Nuts and Plants Produce Vibrant Dyes?
        Student: Lillian Rousey
        School: Burgaw Elementary

    (1145) Sweet and Salty Dreams - Will taste affect human heart rate?
        Students: Davidson Good , Joshua Robertson
        School: Homeschool

Junior - Biological A

  Junior Biological Science A - 3rd Place
    (2211) Which Rose Lasted The Longest
        Student: Kaiya Carter
        School: Cape Fear Ctr Inquir

  Junior Biological Science A - 2nd Place
    (2206) Sugar Busters
        Student: Kellan Doyle
        School: Williston Middle

  Junior Biological Science A - 1st Place
    (2205) More Triclosan-Resistant Bacteria Are Found Farther from the Wastewater Treatment Plant Than Expecte
        Student: Kasey Kiser
        School: St. Mary Catholic School

Junior - Biological B

  Junior Biological Science A - 3rd Place
    (2301) "Book Smarts?"
        Student: Richard Hernandez
        School: Greene County Middle School

  Junior Biological Science A - 2nd Place
    (2307) The Stroop Effect vs. Age
        Student: Amari' Walker
        School: West Pender Middle

  Junior Biological Science A - 1st Place
    (2303) Color's Effect on Memory
        Students: Alice Summit , Bonnie Beck
        School: Cape Fear Ctr Inquir

Junior - Chemistry

  Junior Chemistry-3rd Place
    (2410) The Corrosion Resistance!
        Student: Natalie Dail
        School: Woodington Middle

  Junior Chemistry-2nd Place
    (2405) Doggy Diet
        Student: Grace Yando
        School: Shallotte Middle

  Junior Chemistry-1st Place
    (2402) Does reducing the surface tension make a better bubble solution?
        Student: Taylor Punzalan
        School: St. Mark Catholic School

Junior - Earth/Environmental Science

  Junior-Earth/Environmental Science-3rd Place
    (2506) Water Conservation: Greywater Handwashing at Home
        Student: River Carroll
        School: New Bridge Middle

  Junior-Earth/Environmental Science-2nd Place
    (2504) Rock Salt Science
        Student: Jada Strickland
        School: Greene County Middle School

  Junior-Earth/Environmental Science-1st Place
    (2502) How do household cleaning chemicals affect freshwater marine life?
        Student: Bailey MacVaugh
        School: St. Mark Catholic School

Junior - Physics

  Junior Physics-3rd Place
    (2609) Increasing the Luminous Power of Street Lamposts Through the Physics of Light
        Student: Stefan Falso
        School: Cape Fear Ctr Inquir

  Junior Physics-2nd Place
    (2604) Can You Hear Me Now?
        Student: Riley Stone
        School: Trexler Middle

  Junior Physics-1st Place
    (2608) How Solid Materials in Water Affect Cooling
        Student: Susie Cantonwine
        School: St. Mary Catholic School